Spirit Guide Connector Course by Meaghan Thompson

................................Work Smarter Not Harder .....................W/ Help From Your Spirit Guides

You’re done working harder not smarter... That was sooo 2019.

You’re ready to get the help you desire. Yer ready freddy but, maybe you’re too afraid to ask.... You've been disappointed and hurt before. 
Do you have LONE WOLF syndrome? 

Ya know, the go it alone, pull up ya boot straps, I got dis kinda mentality that feels safer, easier and like there’s less opportunity for disappointment?
I SOO GET IT. I’VE BEEN THERE! We do this because we've had to protect ourselves... our pack wasn't healthy or supportive... but, It’s also lonely… and frustrating… Right?
If you struggle with asking for help connecting with your guides is the best first step.

When you connect and use this practice shits gunna get SOOO magical & ease filled.
We’re tawkin’ synchronicities, instant manifestations and deeper fulfillment then you’ve allowed yourself to feel before. I mean, who doesn’t want that!?
Yes, we’re talking pussy tingles.
So whattya waiting for??

Spirit Guide Connector Course

What's included?

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The Course
SPIRIT GUIDE Connector Course.pdf
1.92 MB
Daily Guide Connection Sesh.pdf
722 KB
My Daily Guide Connection Journal.pdf
213 KB
The Attunement
Cord Cutting Meditation
How to Work with your guides audio
4 mins
Guide Connection Akashic Attunement - 2_22_20, 1.52 PM.m4a
12 mins